About us

The first AsiaFest took place in 2013 at Sala Dalles. Participants of the event were able to attend demonstrations and tastings of Vietnamese, Indian and Japanese cuisine, could sign up for manga, origami, Ebru workshops, attended traditional Chinese medicine presentations, traditional costume presentations and tea ceremonies. In addition, they were able to enjoy the promotion of Asian traditions together for the first time in Romania.

Since then, Asia Fest has brought together over 10,000 people every year to experience Asian traditions and culture. Each year, an Asian country has been at the centre of the event, showcasing its culture and traditions, from India, China, Japan to Turkey, and participants have been introduced to each country and discovered their customs and cuisine. For the 2021 edition, we have adapted to the times and brought the festival outdoors in a historic park in the centre of the capital. We will create a matsuri (Japanese festival) atmosphere with the same artistic moments we have been accustoming you to for 8 years and this year, in a magical place full of colour, space and good energy.

From the colours of spices to the colours of clothes, decorative objects and drawings, Asia Fest will fill our hearts and eyes with beauty.