Every year at Asia Fest, the workshops have been sought after and loved by our audience. So this year we couldn’t not have them in the festival programme. What’s more, because we took your wishes into account, we invited even more artists to the workshop area than in previous editions. Throughout the 3 days of the festival, we promise to put your creativity, passion or curiosity to work.

Here are the types of workshops you will be able to participate in: ceramic painting workshops, Korean hanbok photography workshops, slime workshops, fan story workshops, fancy keychain workshops, painting & decoupage workshops, Arabic calligraphy workshops, henna tattoo workshops, coloured braids workshops, 3D lantern painting & decor workshops, wood painting workshops!

That said, our artists have asked us to let you know they are ready to guide you in the world of arts and are waiting for you to enjoy together 3 days full of intense experiences.