Did someone say icecream rolls? Let’s get you your favorite refreshing combo of flavors from Rolls, Thai ice cream!

Have you tried Vietnamese Pho soups yet? If not, Asia Fest is the perfect opportunity to do so! Discover them at PhoBar and enjoy a culinary treat!

Traditional Filipino goodies Try them out at the Filipino Free Movement Association corner, September 22-24 at Asia Fest!

Flavourful airy mousse wrapped in a delicate layer of glutinous rice Mochi is one of the most popular traditional Japanese desserts, and Niji is exclusively dedicated to making gourmet mochi. You’ll find a variety of unique flavours including sakura, matcha and yuzu.

Thai-inspired ice cream rolls, customized to your taste Treat yourself to a sweet and fresh moment at Thaice Cream!

Coffee, teas, food and other healthy Indonesian products are waiting for you at the Blue Phoenix stand. You can also find their famous “Kopi Luwak” coffee.

How about some sake? Or maybe a Japanese liqueur? Choya is one of the best-known producers of such drinks, carrying on traditions from the time of the samurai. Come and meet them at Asia Fest!

The country’s first SriLankan restaurant comes to Asia Fest At BistroLanka you can try dishes like Kottu Rotti, curries, noodles and other instant-tasting delights!

The taste of childhood, but with a twist At Sweet Sensations by Ciricli your favourite characters await you, but in cotton candy form. Enjoy!

Have you eaten Taiyaki before? They are Japanese pastries shaped like fish with a variety of fillings. Discover them at Taiyaki House!

With its unique taste and flavour, Korean food is a work of art for all who taste it. You can convince yourself of this by trying the delicious dishes at Restaurant Seoul, such as jokbal, timdak or tangsuyuk.

Butter chicken or goan pork vindaloo? Jane’s Creative Kitchen is a small family business where Indian flavours are blended into tasty dishes. Try them out at Asia Fest!

A symphony of spices and flavours At Sana’s Kitchen Hut you’ll find both Indian food, such as chicken biryani or butter paneer, and the famous yoghurt-based drink with various flavours – Lassi.

Come browse the Asian-inspired books at Humanitas! You’re sure to find at least one must-have to add to your collection.

Books, Manga goodies and so much more Find your inspiration at the Cărturești stand!

If you want to pick up something good for home too, we’ll be waiting for you at the Parma Food stand. Here you’ll find lots of goodies from over 50 international producers.

Never too many books! Especially since the Nemira stand has several Manga series waiting for you. Check them out!

Have you ever walked into a Korean supermarket? You can do it without any problems at Asia Fest. Look for the K Food corner and get your fix!

If you’re an avid cook, a tea lover or just want a hint of the exotic in your preparations, be sure to visit the Asian Tastes stand. A variety of teas and spices await you here ready to take you on a journey of authentic Sri Lankan taste.

Tea ritual is a true art in many Asian cultures The selection of teas you’ll find at The Lonely Panda are sourced from trusted, clean and authentic sources in mainland China and the Taiwan region.

In Asian cuisine, sauces play an extremely important role At Kikkoman you will find a wide selection of sauces that will add a new dimension of taste to your dishes.

If you’re looking for a special gift for a loved one or even for yourself, don’t forget to visit the Gift Wood stand! You’ll find lots of products made from wood here, such as bookmarks, diaries and decorations.

Lolly Shop was born out of a love for beauty. At their corner you can find care products for healthy skin and hair, as well as jewellery and accessories for a discreet and elegant look.

As a fusion between pure Asian culinary style and elements from other far-flung parts of the world, POLI also proposes a gastronomic reinterpretation of the popular Corn Dog. In all major cities, street food delicacies are more popular than anywhere else.

From Hawaii to Singapore, Thai Me takes you through exotic cuisines that will indulge your taste buds in ways you wouldn’t expect. Try Maine Crab Rangoon or Mango Curry at Asia Fest

We’ve got the fuel for good energy at Asia Fest provided by our friends at First Coffee. With or without milk, classic or veggie, 1 or 2 shots of espresso, blends or specific origins, it’s all up to you.

A travelling coffee among Asian flavours. We are accompanied on this imaginary journey to faraway lands by the people from Coffee Bike. Don’t hesitate to try their delicious coffee!

Băcănia Meteora

With a burger at the festival we all owe a debt. So thanks to Meteora Brewery for the most delicious burgers we’ve ever tasted. Take a bite!

Sri Lankan food has its own particularities and is hard to find in Romania. Even so, we’ve brought along Mathara Bath Kade who will serve you truly traditional and authentic dishes.

Perhaps one of the most atypical kitchens at events, Druziada will introduce you to what they call the hidden pearl of oriental cuisine. Traditional Druze cuisine is specific to a Middle Eastern ethnic community with a long history and rich culinary culture.

Noodle lovers, meet us at SAM’S Sushi & Noodles where you’ll find all the noodle mixes you can think of. Only at Asia Fest.

Sangria Van

The folks at Sangria Van have devised some super special recipes for Asia Fest, so don’t miss their booth. You can sample Banana mat uyu (South Korean), Ginger Gin & Herbal Tonic (Ginger gin and natural tonic infused with cardamom, lemongrass and lavender), Mumbai Masala & Rum (Masala, white rum, lime, soda) and Dark Spiced chai (spiced rum, masala chai, cold brew & tonic) among others.

Osaka beer, Turkish lemonade and the famous PopCola. Enjoy it all at the Asahi Super Dry PH bar at Asia Fest.

At Zebracat, we use only natural ingredients, we import teas from Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. Pearls directly from Taiwan, no synthetic dyes. We choose to use purees, 100% fruit, cold stored, not frozen. Everything prepared fresh, every day. We’ve tried to bring together the classics with the old-fashioned, the Eastern with the Western, the reinvented with the invented, to play with mixing sought-after goodness from all over the globe, to create drinks as different from each other as the cultures of the world. Because that’s what boba means to us: a new breed of drinks with contemporary relevance that we honour at Zebracat with a diverse menu that will never bore you.

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Traditional Delights – Romanian, Syrian or Turkish The options are endless, you just have to choose what appeals to you for your sweet break